There are a whole host of reasons you might need our residential locksmith services. If you’ve just bought a new home, you might be concerned about who else has access. Contractors from five years ago, family friends of the former owners or even the previous owners themselves? Giving yourself total peace of mind doesn’t need to break the bank. We offer a rekey service that means you know exactly who has access to your home without replacing the lock entirely.

If your lock is faulty, we’ll work hard to repair it in a way that lasts. We utilise the latest technologies as well as traditional skill and precision. If the lock is beyond repair, we’ll talk you through replacement options to you can find one that fits your needs and your budget.

For those looking for the latest in security technology, we can help with touchpad lock installation and repair. We’re also able to add reinforcement hardware giving you that extra sense of security that you’re protecting your home and family to the highest possible standard.

We can also provide emergency locksmith services throughout Jackson and the surrounding areas.

Our Services include

  • Lock Rekey
  • Lock Repair
  • Clean Oil Locks
  • Lock Replacement (Touchpads/Standard)
  • Door Jam Replacement
  • Door Reinforcement Hardware
  • New Door Deadbolt/Doorknob Installation
  • Flush Door

Home Security

We know how important your Home security is to you and your family. We understand that situations arise and you need to have your locks rekeyed or replaced immediately. We have a rapid response that provides quick and efficient service when you and your family need it the most.

Non-Destructive/Safe Methods

We utilize non-destructive methods to gain entry into your home every time. Leaving your lock better than we found it. We can also take your lock apart and inspect the internal mechanisms to diagnose and repair faulty components that are giving you a hard time.

Good as New

When we are finished, we spray all locks and keyholes with a premium lubricant that dissolves rust, dirt, and prevents the collection of debris. The end result, a lock functioning just as good as new.

Lost Keys? – Not a Problem!

From our experience, all keys lost can be a dreadful experience which is why we provide help fast, as someone you can trust with a proven track record. We take pride in our commitment to customer service, and our long list of satisfied customers is reflected throughout our reviews.

If you’re a homeowner in Jackson or the surrounding areas and you’re looking for a locksmith to help with emergency locksmithing issues, new installations, or even repairs and maintenance, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re friendly, approachable, and truly passionate about helping our clients.